Monday, May 14


Just had to show you this photo of Miguel tucking into a Chocolate Donut ... he is seriously enjoying this. Normaly he is very good at sharing his things including treats with others without you having to ask...but this time I had to ask and he said to me in a very down trodden tone "I suppose so' and then proceeded to give me the most minute crumb of the donut pastry!! Mind you when he had finished his donut he did offer to give me a chocolate donut kiss of his own free will - which I accepted whole heartedly!!
Today Miguel had nap time at his Abuela & Abuelos (grandma & Grandpa) house. He was quite reluctant to go to bed, even though Abuala said that he could sleep on her bed. Finally he conceded only after I agreed to join them! He said that he wanted a story and my mom got out a book to read to him. 'No Abuela, I read you a story". He proceeded to get one of her Historical romance novels of her shelf and lay in bed, rested one foot on the other legs knee and started to 'read'. He gave us a long and detailed story about everyone he knew (named them all by name) including POOH and his buddies, every animal from the movie Barnyard all going home after school in his Abuelos Jeep and how they had to all go for a nap! It was soooo cute, that my mom and I almost laughed out loud, but could not as this would offend our little literary genius!

I was very surprised (and impressed) to see how many letters of the alphabet he knew by sight without any hesitation - A,S,M,C,O,P,R,T & E!!!

When Chris put him into bed to night he was lucky enough to have edition 2 of the 'Going Home' story.

Caterers, crockery, glasses and champagne have been booked for Saturdays party. As well as a VERY yummy desert!! I just hope that every one comes - Just my luck that our home town rugby team won their semifinal game on Saturday and now the final is this coming Saturday in our home town!!

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IkeaGoddess said...

Wow literary genius and talented photographer - what a kid.
My boy also takes my books from the nightstand and moves his finger along the lines - like he is can read. It's hilarious. I can just picture the 2 of you trying hard not to laugh. Those are the moments when you just can't imagine life without a kid anymore.
Love the new header ;-)