Monday, July 23


Im sorry every one that I have been MIA, lately I just never seemed to get around to it!! Well I have lots of news -

YIP His Highness turned 3!!! Can you believe it!! The first thing he said on the morning of his Birthday is 'Mama, I'm in charge!' and so he has been!! He had a blast - once again we spent money on way cool scooters, pirate swords, pirate hats and hooks, a stunning Pooh kite and all he wanted was the 10 helium filled balloons that I had promised him .. when will I ever learn?? Like we have been instructed by his RH - we had to sing Happy Birthday and 'Funk' (his word for light -its the sound that the lighter makes) the candles 3 times so that he could yell at the top of his voice ..' happy birthday to MEEEE!....' and blow out the candles. He loved it!!

CREDITS : Sharon Kenealy - Bubbaboy_Blue paper, star stitchingprisalles_kraftframeRedju_torn paper, TemplateHM_Kit_ILoveYou_LabelMissMint_PlaygroundPop_bracket - RE COLOUREDmISS mINT_Party Pants - Cupcake, pressie, word art

A few days later we took him to PHEZULU SAFARI PARK is an exciting tourist venue, situated in Botha's Hill, This picturesque park has magnificent views of the world-famous Valley of 1000 Hills only 35km from central Durban. Miguel loves it there, the sound of the Zulu drums beating through the air, the way that you can feel them in your chest. The sound of slapping as the dancers feet hit the ground ... He will sit there entranced beating out the rhythm on his lap listening to their voices, completely captivated.

At PheZulu village, the well-known Zulu clan of Gasa have, over the last 30 years, allowed visitors to PheZulu the opportunity to savour the taste and feel the rhythm of Africa.
Visitors are taken into the traditional beehive shaped thatched huts, where the various artifacts, beliefs and rituals are explained, giving foreigners an insight into the fascinating Zulu culture. The Zulu dancing show is impressive with the dancers in their traditional garb, showing off their skills with grace, agility and humour - a truly unforgettable experience!

Facilities include a reptile farm, which boasts a large selection of Nile crocodiles, including the oldest (nearly 100 years) and largest (4.5 metres) croc in captivity - called "Junior". There is also a superb collection of indigenous snakes.

4x4 vehicles take tourists into the valley of 1000 hills on a game drive and a visit to a contemporary village (this is a community based project). There are two curio shops and 2 restaurants to cater for all tastes.

I have loads more to tell you all about quite a few exciting things that have been happening ... but you will all have to be good and wait for the next installment .....


IkeaGoddess said...

Happy Birthday Miguel, sounds like he had a blast on his birthday. I love the layout you did.

Scraps of Bev said...

Well I must admit I was wondering what you were up to as I hadn't seen you online for awhile and not even over at DSSA.
Anyway it sounds as if you've all been having a fantastic time and Miguel had a wonderful fun birthday. Great layout you've done!
I'll look forward to seeing the next installment of all that has been happening for you.

By the way you may not know yet but we have it all booked now and will be in South Africa from the 27th Spetember to the 16th October. I'm sorry but we just couldn't fit Durban in the schedule but we will be staying 5 days at a Safari place outside of Port Elizabeth before we then fly onto Capetown.. I will be seeing Tash and Petra first when we fly into Jo'berg it's all very exciting..

Anonymous said...

Wow! fabulous photos Cleo and sounds like the little one had heaps of fun on his birthday. Just love all the zulu stuff... I would love to see all that for real. Well maybe one day!! :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. The layout is beautiful :)