Tuesday, August 14


I have to show you how cute Miguel was this day. We had been painting in the afternoon with a couple of the kids from the complex, they had a blast - I think that you can see how much fun they had by the mess in my kitchen!! I was trying to film Miguel doing one of his masterpieces when I got this cute little 'hello'.


Jane said...

Arrhhh how cute - what an artist too!!

Anonymous said...

aaaw too cute what a sweetie he is. Going to be artistic like his mummy too. Thanks for sharing :)

Scraps of Bev said...

Artistic yes but did he clean up afterwards Mmmmm I expect his Mummy did!!

Good to see Miquel enjoying himself and a lovely little film Cleo...great to see and thanks for sharing it!

Don't forget to come and see us at DSSA we miss you!