Saturday, November 3


Yesterday my whole world was turned upside down, inside out and just stopped spinning on its axis for a couple of hours. I was given the news that I had Cancer .... did you just feel the world give a little wobble???

Yes ... I have been diagnosed with Adenocarcinomas cervical cancer (more detail here). - The doctor said that it is advanced and if it had remained undiagnosed it would have killed me with in a year. I start my course of Chemo next Friday for 6 weeks followed by six weeks of Radio .... They say 3 in 4 beat it so i think that those are pretty good odds - don't you ... I really think that I need those red heels that I have been going on about for ages for my first treatment don't you ??? The Oncologist said that the radio treatment will destroy my ovaries and that I will, at the age of 33 go into early menopause - I am mad because even though i do not want any more children, my choice has been taken away from me and it makes me mad ... how silly is that???

On Tuesday I go for my CT scan and Chest x-ray so that they can grade and stage the cancer ... I'm not sure how i feel at this moment in time, I keep thinking that 1 in 4 do die and my luck health wise over the last 4 years has not been good .. but at the same time, why should it not be my turn to win the health lotto??? If 100 of 1000's of other women make it there is no reason that I cant!!! I will keep you up dated as soon as I know what is happening. I think that once i know the grade and stage of the cancer I will be able to deal with it better, because at the moment it still seems a little up on the air to me and I am thinking ridiculous things - like my cancer is the size of a small turkey!!! LOL.

Love to you all ......

OOOHHH we have Miguel's first school play tonight - my little boy is going to be a speckled frog ... I cant wait to see him in action!!! We are off now to a birthday party, so I have to get the team in order ... ciao


Anonymous said...

Hi Cleo.

That is horrific news - I truly cannot imagine what you and your family must be going through.

We just wanted to say that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we know that you are going to come through this stronger than ever.

Sorry, I realise you may not want too many people knowing of this, but Justin felt compelled to tell us.....and thank heavens he did!!!

Last year, a colleague of mine at the office was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphatic Cancer (very very aggressive with a low survival rate) and she came through that ordeal and is now in remission. A lot of this, I believe, is the way she remained positive and strong throughout.

Chemo isn't pleasant and is going to be tough, but its a means to an end so hang in there!!

Please keep us updated as to the stage and pass our wishes onto Chris, Miguel and your family.

Love Georges and Sam

katg1006 said...

Cleo - OMG! (((hugs)) I am so sorry that you are going through this. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please stay strong!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ok, 1st I can't even imagine and yes when I read this my world felt like it wobbled. Hugs and POSITIVE thoughts coming your way along with lots of prayers.


Positive things - No more mood swings and nasty 'girly products'
3 out of 4 BEAT THIS and you will too!


Magdalena (m2m) said...

Cleo, I just can't believe what I've just read..... Cancer..... I'm with you, thinking of you all the time. You know, fighting cancer starts in our heads. So I truly believe that your will of life will help you with this horrible fight. You can do it.
Lots of big hugs!!!

IkeaGoddess said...

You definitely have to get those red heels, girl, actually I hope you are already wearing them by now. I can't even image what it must feel like to go to a routine check-up and get that kind of diagnoses at your youthful age. I know you are going to make it through this and come out even stronger in the end. You are a red heeled, funny, optimistic super-mom with a super do that can seriously kick this cancer good-bye.
Love, Angie

alleycat said...

Hello my friend, just checking in to see how you are doing ... you're in my thoughts all the time... please stay strong and keep smiling as much as you can.

Anonymous said...

OMG Cleo I haven't popped by for a while and I am absolutely stunned at your news!!!!

I can't say I know how you feel because I would be wrong... but having been extremely close to and loving two people who have survived cancer (one of whom was given 3 months to live 5 years ago)I can say to you that there is hope. Medicine has moved on so much over the last few years and though it will be difficult you have a lot to live for and I know that will keep you strong.

So I am sending you ((((HUGE HUGS)))) and I will be thinking of you!!

Take care
Chris xx

Durban Diaries said...

Hang in there

Jane said...

I cannot imagine how you felt hearing that news. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} That is just devastating! Still sitting here in shock really unsure what to say to you.

You sound so strong and brave you are a credit!!

Love and massive hugs to you and yours. Will be thinking of you!


Gunilla said...

I can't imagine what you must be going though... I send you all my love and wish you well! I have a couple of friends that have beaten cancer and I'm sure you are one of them! Lots of hugs - my prayers will go to you

Gilla from Sweden