Sunday, April 19

YES!! I too sucumbed to the mushroom pincushion ... how could i resist ... I used thelittlehousebythesea tutorial with a couple of modifications. I was greatly inspired by poshplushies and her beautiful work. It was quite simple to do ... It was for a easter swap that I did.

Then this gorgeous bag (if I may say so myself) was made bag using Erins simple and easy tutorial. It is a awsome bag to make so quick and simple .. I have another 3 in various stages of completion. You HAVE to make one. (this was for the same swap)

The awsome embroidery pattern is from the great designs of Andrea of BADBIRD.

The fabrics i used were :
Pale brown linen for the centre panel
Denim for the strap and sides
And the red is a fabulous local fabric called Shwe Shwe -
any one who knows me, knows i am madly in love with it.
the embroidery was 6 strand DMC threads.

Im off now to start my new embroideries for the 3 bags that I have started, but I have to put Miguel to bed first as he is finished. My little social butterfly had such a full diary this weekend - yesterday he had 3 birthdya parties - one at 10am, another at lunch time and the last at 2!! Then today we had a 1 hour 45min mass for a baptisim and then the whole day at the beach body surfing and swiming ... to be honest I think that he is so tired he is looking forward to school tomorrow so that he can rest!!!!
MWAH to you all ...


Daydreams On MountainTops said...

Could you be any more inspirational for me???? I adore this pin cushion, and TOTALLY want to make a cactus one now- for my husband;-) Don't you think a cactus one with flowers for the pin's heads would look cool? You did such a good job, and this bag rocks, and so does your work with badbirds pattern!

elvira craft said...

nice mushroom..