Sunday, May 24

Aunty Roberta - Rest in Peace

Aunty Roberta - Rest in Peace, originally uploaded by the_cleof.

She had been in remission from breast cancer for 7 years.. 2 months ago she found out she had cancer of the lower bowel... in the following weeks she developed deep vein thrombosis - while she was admitted to hospital for treatment they discovered that she had ovarian & lung cancer too, it was terminal (she told no one that it was) - so she booked herself out and did what she loved most - she went drumming . She had one last amazing party at the begining of the month and this morning at 2.30 am she died in her sleep.

THis was one of the last photos ever taken of her .. it was at her benifit concert held on the 9th May ..

I am sorry that i was not back in SA to be with her and her daughters, I am sorry that I was too much of a coward to see her before I left .. I am ashamed that I put my fears of my cancer returning ahead of seeing her ... I loved her loved her very much

this was an article in the paper about the concert

she was a very loved and popular lady. Every one from all walks of life gravitated towards her ...

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Daydreams On MountainTops said...

She looks like she was amazing, and I'm sorry for your loss