Saturday, June 13

Mothers Day Book -- front

Mothers Day Book -- front, originally uploaded by the_cleof.

This was a drawing that Miguel did of me for Mothersday. See the red hair .. that was when I had just done my hair. He said that he made it red ... the same as the hair 'polish' that the hairdresser used!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I think that it is fantastic drawing by a 4 and a 3/4 year old. (the 3/4 is very important you know!!)

The teacher then covered a little note book with the paintings and then covered the whole book in PVC ... I think that I can most certainly say that this is the best gift I have ever received

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Sarah said...

Dear Cleo,
I find Miguel's drawing adorable! I can't wait to see my baby draw too. We are expecting him by 10th August! :)