Tuesday, April 24

{Miguel and Golf}

Miguel has this OBSESSION with golf, he loves it he cannot get enough of it. Every day we have to play golf for at least an hour and a half - he would go on for longer, except by then I have had enough of playing!! Chris has often commented that he has a excellent natural swing, a strong drive and that he has no problem keeping his head down ... apparently a good thing! He loves to watch it on TV, which according to me is better than most of the rubbish that passes for kids programs.We were visiting my folks for the day today and Miguel was helping his abuelo (Spanish for grandpa) in the garden, like he loves to do. When he found a little hole in the ground and proceeded to state that this was a golf hole. He told his abuelo that they need to go inside right now and get his 'chipper' (golf club) so that he could practice. My dad had a great idea - he cut a piece of pipe and placed it into the hole so that M had a proper golf hole, i then made a flag out of red card and stuck it to a chopstick. My Migelito thought that he had died and gone to heaven and spent the next 40 min putting. With every ball in the hole he would shout 'yay, i did it' at the top of his voice. Followed by 'I can do anything cos I'm a a big golfer!'

I have come across a blog with an amazing concept. her space : my space gives you a word every day and challenges you to intemperate it and them take a photo of your interpretation. Today's word is Garland : A collection of materials that adorns for special occasions or just everyday. Find a garland in your space today.

Here is my take on it .. it is one of my may scrap boxes that I keep all my little bits and pieces that I have collected over the years, bits of ribbon off wedding invites, buttons that have fallen off things, hair clips that I find - they all get recycled into cards and present embellishments for loved ones..


pokettiger said...

This is a fantastic photo! I love that you collect these things and especially that you then organize it all in such a user friendly way! Great way to recycle little treasures!

Anonymous said...

Great photo... wouldn't even have thought of these and I've got millions... 'fraid I sort of cheated on that challenge lol