Monday, April 23

{Thank you}

I dont have much to say, except THANK YOU for all your well wishes to both myself and Chris. I could not resist giving you another look at my fab ring - cant wait for the bands to join it!!
I received a little Olympus point and shoot a few weeks ago and Miguel is in love with it - He is a budding photographer and will take photos given any opportunity. "Please mama can I have the camera and take a click??" I dont think that he is too bad for a two and a half year old??


Vanda said...

Oh wow Cleo, congratulations xXx

Hope you'll be very happy :O)

Best wishes Vanda

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Cleo... and CONGRATULATIONS!! on your engagement...
I love your layouts and your digi stuff (so I am off to borrow some now lol) I have just started doing digi so I will let you know when I use them... thanks for sharing x

Mara said...

I love the kids taking fotos, those of miguel are great,

IkeaGoddess said...

I just read the great news: congratulations. The ring is beautiful, finally a man with taste in jewelry. Be sure to remind him of that when your birthday comes up - hehe.
Miguel's photos are really good. If he keeps this up, he just may turn into a pro. Be sure to make a page of yourself with his photo. That one is really sweet and funny too.

Paul de Chasteauneuf said...

Well done Cleo,

Your Blog is getting better and better, keep up on the good job...

Again congratulations on your engagement.We are looking forward for your wedding day. We wish all the 3 of you, happyness, prosperity and everything of the best.

With all our love

Big kisses

Laurence and Paulo

Branden said...

WOW!! - congrats

I knew the day was coming, but not when... so i was quite surprised to suddenly see it on your blog.

great choice in ring too.. ;)