Monday, June 25


Yes I know I have been very bad .... 'my bad'.
I did this one to say thank you to our friends the Banfields - you have come to know them over the last few weeks - Michelle, John, John jnr, Hannah and Rachel. We spent a great morning with them all on the beach yesterday. The kids had a blast in the freezing water.
Especially Miguel who has found two new 'best' friends or as he puts it "my friend the boy John' and 'my friend the big girl Hanna'.
On Saturday afternoon we went to their house for a BBQ for the Rugby - Miguel was in heaven, playing in the the garden, weaving in and out of all the bushes, jumping on the trampoline - Hannah made his week when she suggested that they play hide and seek, she was so patient with him and let him find her most times. He was shrieking with laughter and excitement!!! Thanks Hannah for spending time with him.

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IkeaGoddess said...

Fabulous layout -I love the placing of the title, very clever. You did a great job.
Sounds like you all had a lot of fun.