Thursday, June 28


Miguel is going through the typical 2-3 year old stage of not wanting to eat his veggies. I try my best to get around this by telling him that if he eats his veggies, his stomach will take the food and turn it in to energy for his muscles so that he can then go play golf, read, build blocks etc. As I have told you before I limit Miguel's TV time to one 30 min program a day - his favourite is 'Little Einsteins' and will do his best to wangle as many viewings as he can. Today at lunch I again use my energy for muscles speech to get him to eat. He goes very quiet for a few minutes when all of a sudden he says "Mama, I have a great idea. If I eat ALL my lunch my muscles will have lost and lots of energy, so I think that i must use all my energy to watch 2 'little Einsteins' - okay? Is that a deal? Lets shake on it!" He says holding out his hand, head cocked to one side with that little cheeky grin... needless to say that he got his 2 Little Einsteins as a reward for resourcefulness and great invention!!
p.s The poor little thing was so tired from school that he fell asleep 10 minutes into the first one!!!

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