Thursday, July 2


Well the last couple of weeks have been hectic!! I think things may slow down next month .. i hope so. Though starting next week we have the renovations starting upstairs!! New bathroom and new bedrooms!! NOT looking forward to the huge mess, but so excited to see the finished project in 5 weeks!! Sorry guys the wedding next year is off, I blew the budget on tiles and flooring!!

We had a blanket drive at Miguel school. They are collecting blankets to distribute to various charities during the winter. Last year they raised almost 1000 blankets! Here he is with the 5 that he chose, he took the whole thing very seriously. He really seemed to understand how important it was, even to the point that he said that we could not get pink or white ones, because poor people don't have washing machines and those colours would get to dirty too quickly!! Clever boy!
In just 2 weeks they have distributed 61 blankets to Sinakalele (an orphanage), 100 to the Robin Hood Foundation, 25 to Hillcrest Aids Centre, 50 to Chilenyama, 60 to Highway Aged, 78 to the schools maintenance staff, 20 baby blankets to the 1000 Hills Feeding Scheme, 78 to the Salvation Army and 30 to Vryheid Home for the Aged! Way to go!!

They are on school holidays now... my poor mom! She has him during the day as I'm working and with rotten coincidence I have to work late every day for the last 2 and next 2 weeks!! So I'm only getting home at about 3.40 instead of 1!

Here are 3 of the projects that I have been working on :

My sister and Dad leave for the UK and Ireland next week, and I wanted to get them a Bon Voyage pressie. I had NO idea what ... until I remembered in your bag always is that awful plastic packet for your laundry ... so I took two pillow cases and recycled them into Laundry bags!! I am quite pleased as to how they came out!!

I used annieoakleaves little hedgehogs and then added my own extras!

Then my dads one I did not know what to do, he is a very manly kinda guy ... so I just did the missing sock thing!! I hope that he likes it!!

This is Bertrand, it is a pattern that I have been working on for a week now, The school is having its annual Country Fair. Every class needs to participate. Miguel class are doing a bean bag toss!! the thing is they have no bean bags .... so I then proceed to offer my services. ... and then complicate my life by saying ... 'WHATS THE THEME??' "theme?" was the answer, well you have to have a theme!! So now instead of little square bean bags ... I need to make 14 FROGS!!! What on earth was I thinking?!?

I did search for frog patterns on line, but none of them actually looked very much like a frog!!This is Bertrand, with one of his poor predecessors ... now you can see why i needed to refine the pattern a little!! I feel quite chuffed with my recycling efforts as the filling is old pool filter sand that I have washed and dried!! It is quite a coarse sand so it is perfect for filling!!

If any one wants a pattern, I should have one finalised by next week ... just drop me a line and I can send it of to you!!

Need to go now as I am off to Johannesburg at 5.30 tomorrow morning for a meeting and I still need to draw up the diagrams for the new bathroom vanity and cupboard that we are having made.




Alicia said...

You have been busy! I love the embroidered missing sock - how funny! What a smart boy to think about laundry in choosing the blankets - I'm an adult & wouldn't have even remembered that!

Good luck with the renovations - that's always a fun thing to finish but stressful while it's going on.

Daydreams On MountainTops said...

Wow cleo, those UP-cycled pillowcases are the best. I love every thing about it. The missing sock for your dad is brilliant, and adorable, as are the hedgehogs! They are going to have a great holiday! I'm sure they LOVE them!
How awesome is Miguel for being so giving and thoughtful! He is so smart, and very conscious of his environment.

Sad to hear that you blew the wedding funds, but stoked to hear about your new bath & bedrooms renovations! Thats going to be awesome, but I understand about getting to the point to using it- it will seem like forever, but it will all workout and be worth it!

I'm so happy to hear about all the recycling! What a great idea! I love the pool filter sand as a bean bag material concept! So great, you rocked out the projects today! Cute frog bean bags....hope you have fun at the fundraiser!


urban craft said...

love the embroidery work on the bags. Too cute!

Inoureyes said...

Hi Cleo, I found your blog through someone elses blog..... found somethings that were similar to mine and had a good laugh. I like your blog, hope you don't mind if i hang around for a while...

rocksea said...

great recycle, nice laundry bags! you have an inspiring blog cleo. will read the rest.

Anonymous said...

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