Tuesday, November 10

What a give away!!

I know that i have not been around lately, but between work and life ...there is just no time!!

Though i think i will have to make the time if i am lucky enough to get drawn for this wonderful prize on http://www.siblingcraftery.com!!

The prize is a A huge collection of fabric scraps, DMC embroidery floss (which we all know how badly i covet floss living in deepest darkest Africa!!), Two stitchable tea towels and then lastly - excuse me while i catch my breath - And a wonderful book Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart.

OOOOHHH be still my beating heart!!! Go and join in and perhaps you will get lucky!! but remember my cut if you do!!!! LOL!!

1 comment:

Lavinia said...

Hi Cleo! you´re welcome, and please send me a picture of your finished amigurumi monkey n___n
Love your blog, will be visiting often!