Tuesday, March 27

{Birthday Cake and New Layouts}

We've just returned from my Da's birthday dinner. Miguel flew threw his dinner like a starving orphan. His goal was to get to the cake! As soon as he was done he was running around asking for the candles & the funker!! He stated that his abuelo (grandpa in Spanish) must have 4 candles as he was 'big and grown up'.

He kept asking for his abuela (grandma in Spanish) to 'funk' the candles. Funk is the sound that a lighter makes when lit - so he calls it a funk! He loves blowing out the candles and so we sang happy birthday 4 times, just so he could have the candles 'funked' again to blow them out. He was having such a great time ... giggling & laughing like a mad hyena!! Kept trying to get the Champagne when no one was looking. I love watching him have fun.

[Sorry the photos are not so great ... I took them with my phone - cant wait for a new point & shoot..its on my wish list.]

Here is a layout that I have just posted at digitalscrapbooking for a challenge that we have just had.

Credits can be seen here

Here is another one of a picture that we took in Balito last year on holiday - I love it . I'm really loving this use of white space ... I think that it is my new thing!!

Credits can be seen here

...I say that and here is one that is pretty busy though!

Journaling reads : Miguel, you were born with an artistic thumb. You have a passion to draw, paint mould, stick & colour - there is nothing that you wont try in order to express yourself. You are pretty good at it too, especially drawing on abuela & abuelo’s newly painted front door wall

credits can be seen here


Scraps of Bev said...

Well the birthday party sounded great fun and it's lovely seeing the photo's....they're not bad considering they were taken on a phone camera...I've taken some on mine at odd times but never bothered to upload them as I didn't think they would be any good..perhaps I should give it a try.
Anyway Cleo I think you must push your compact camera to the very top of the list. Although I love my DSLR having a 'baby camera' is lovely as it goes every where with me.

Unknown said...

Wow..what I nicely put together blog.