Monday, March 26


It is my dads birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DA!! He is an amazing man who has been there for his family first and formost my whole life. He is now the best grandfather that Miguel could ever have. Miguel is never a problem or a nuisance to have around, even though he is always 'helping' when my dad is doing work around the house.

See you tonight Da - we love you & have a great day!

WHY THE HELL ... has no one ever told me about TIM MCGRAW! Shame on you all for keeping it a secret. I discovered him today quite by accident inbetween our bizillion MP3's. The man is amazing - never mind that he is a 'bit' of a babe!! He is amazing - gosh those country lyrics are really powerful. In SA country is not listend to at all, so I have never been exposed to it.

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Scraps of Bev said...

Well first of all Happy Birthday to your dad he sounds a super guy and someone to be very proud of. I hope you all had a most enjoyable time together celebrating his birthday.

Now as to Tim McGraw ...ok neither do I know who is is so I'm off to do a google search and see what I've been missing. I must say Cleo I do quite like the country lyrics so I'll let you know what I think!!

Love Bev