Thursday, March 1


This is for Chris.

The journaling reads :
When we first met, you were the opposite of every thing I had ever dreamed of, but you turned out to be everything that dreams are made of. THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU
I know that i'm not always the easiest to live with, I know that things have been very hard at times . . . yet through it all you have never given up on me & me getting better - doctor after doctor, even though I could see in your face you knew that to walk away would be the easiest thing to do. You have integrity, loyalty and a boundless love. Even though my dearest sexiest nerd, you drive me to bouts of moaning & wailing like a lost soul wringing her hands about the house when you get involved with one of your 4 "mistresses" (my man has 4 pc's at home that he is totally infatuated with!!); I do love you & thank you for all that you have given me.

This is a layout of Miguel & one of our many visits to Ushaka Marine world.
The journaling reads :
No matter how many times we go to the aquarium at Ushaka - you never cease to be enthralled and amazed. I think that you would go every week if you could.. I love watching you, the way you mimic the fish swimming, blowing ‘bubbles', grinning widely with big teeth like the sharks - which by far are your favourite. Then at the end of every trip you announce to me that when you are grown up and 'biiiig', you are going to swim in the deep with the sharks.

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