Wednesday, January 14

Miguels newest invention

Miguel is up to his tricks again ... he loves nothing more than to invent and build. A few months ago we bought his a marble run, where you stack different slides together to make your marbles run from top to bottom triggering different things. We he decided that this would make the perfect loader for the model car that he received for Christmas... so what do you think of my little engineer?

I think that they did an amazing job on the model car. he had to sand it, paint it and then assemble is using glue, nails and screws. They even found tiny Mosaic mirrors to use as side mirrors. They covered the wooden chair with a vinyl so that it looked like a leather car seat! Great job guys!!

the above is Miguel's new pencil case for his new school which he starts on Thursday .. he is so excited to be starting there, as they have a climbing wall that he is dying to get his hands and feet on!! I hand stitched the felt applique and used a great step by step tutorial at Crafster to line it, something i have always had great difficulty. Though I think that this time i hit the nail on the head don't you?!?!

I started my quilting course last Sat... it was fantastic and even though at the moment i am learning the simple log cabin - I LOVE IT!!! I cant wait for this weeks lesson!!! I have to upload the fabrics I bought so that you can see them. I will try to do it tomorrow .. the are to quiltilicious!!!!

m off to finish up MIguels school uniform ... later

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