Tuesday, January 27

success !!!

Well, Miguel's new school is a complete success, he loves it!! The first day of school he woke up at 5 in the morning!!! Never in his entire life has he ever woken up that early - not even as a new born!! He was so annoyed when he realised that he had to wait 2 hours before leaving!!

" When its time to go I will be so tired that I wont have any fun - its going to be forever!!'

those baby blues get me every time!!

the grade 00 - 0 playground. The class rooms are in the background
He took to it like a duck to water! At midday I went to collect him from his school, bringing along my mom and dad, so that they could see the school and where to collect him from. Only to find his highness lying in the reading corner on some pillows as if he owned the place!!
He could not stop talking about the 4 jungle gyms, the climbing wall, the play cave; also how in this school they have their own swimming pool for the 'small' (grade 00-0) school to swim in and he will be doing PE every Friday. "How cool is that mama - even better than an ice planet!!"

walking with abuelo (my dad) - filthy and tired after a great day!!

huge kisses for abuela (my mama)

posing with his first art work from Thomas More!!
apparently it is a picture of a laser that fires out rainbows!!

When we got home, I made him go down for what I thought would be a short nap .. 3 hours later he wakes up and asks if it is time to go back to school!!! When he heard that it was still the same day and that he would have to go to sleep again in a few hours he was madder than a hornet ..... ' i have to wait forever again!!'

This is one of my old shirts that i recycled, by appliqueing the letters MESS on the front. The fabric for the letters came from a pair of sleeping shorts that had a large burn mark on them. (okay so I suck at ironing!) This is for Miguel to take to school and use it as a painting shirt!!

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IkeaGoddess said...

"even better than an ice planet" - LOL. How do they come up with those things? Boys sure are funny. I'm glad to hear Miguel is so excited about school. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way for the next 12 years :-)