Wednesday, January 14

More goodies that I have finished ...


Miguel stated that he needed some monsters quick .. so I made these bad boys for him on Monday night, based on his detailed requirements ....... I am constantly inspired by etsy and I saw ones there that really inspired me.

After the monsters, His Highness decided that he needed more - but now he needed something that the monsters could scare .. so I made these up for him last night. I think that they look suitably timid enough - what do you think? If these little faces doesnt say scaredy cat nothing will!!

This shirt was a belated christmas present for the ever cute 18 month old Corban --- and i had to put a little heart on the bum just to show how much I love him!!

Miguel is getting ready for school .. well it starts next thursday, but we are getting into the routine now, but he really does not like mornings. He is into Magic at the moment ... yip not only is he going to be a pro-golfer, a truck driver, a builder, an astrounaut (only on weekends though) and a game ranger - but now a magician too!
His favourite thing to do at the moment, is to say ...

'Mom i am going to make some thing dissapear like magic!! Close your eyes...'
and while your eyes are closed he magically makes and entire biscuit or sweet dissapear in his mouth!!!

Cheeky little monkey!!! MMMMM but you gotta love him!!
oooh and just behind him is the ever lovely Kate with her new blanki that i made her, as her fave was falling appart, so I decided to make her a big girl one with graphic flower print and a felt flower with her initial ....
iM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED ... i Start my quilting course on Saturday, my folks and chris payed for my course and the fabrics as my christmas present, now who is the luckiest girl eva!!!!!

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