Tuesday, February 6

Entering my first Digi Dare !!

Im so excited . . . im entering my first Digi Dare. the web site is as follows :www.thedigidares.com/

Well I will have to wait to see what they have to say !!! about my layout on my fatal attraction for bread !!

Credits are as follows :
Light blue paper - Cbender_pp_FairyWishes
Dark blue - pumpkin pie kit - Rikki Donovan
Heart doodles - Anne DeJong
Love you forever stamp & Metal clip -MissMint_Coordinated Kit_Playground Pop
staples - SG_Refresh_TDO_Silver-Staple
Kitchen Recipe card - Mandy Stewart
Alpha - made by me using front named 4990810 as template
Blue ribbon & bow - made by me
Font for Journaling - Folio
Journaling is a follows:
I have for all my life had a love/hate relationship with bread, but in the end . . .’it just makes me happy’
How do I love thee let me count the ways, I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears of all my live ... -Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Carolyn Bender said...

Love your layout Cleo! LOL I have a similar relationship with bread.

I'm in Hillcrest, so not too far away from where you live at all.

Have you popped in at /www.digitalscrapbooking.co.za - it's a south african digi scrapping site with a great bunch of ladies and lots of super tutorials and fun challenges too.

Chat soon


Branden said...

Layout looks cool! You should do this for a livin' !!

Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Cleo Just found your blog via Caro's and I must say it has made such interesting reading especially about SA. I live in the UK and have never visited SA but intend to in due course. I'm learning such a lot about it from being on DSSA where of course I know Caro from.

Although we're off to Australia in 2 days time I have bookmarked your blog and will pop in to see what's going on. Love the layout's you've shown and as Caro has said why not come and see us at DSSA.