Sunday, February 4

Well my nephew Marc turned one year old yesterday!!! I cannot beleive it, he has a head of the most georgous strawberry blond hair that you have ever seen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!!

Unfortunatly they live in Johannesberg so we missed the party, but we will see them all - Chris's mother & father who are here from Mauritius, His brother Greg & his wife Bonita with little Marc, next weekend when we go to the Drakensberg (a beautiful inland mountain range. The Drakensberg mountain range is situated along southeast coast of South Africa. These spectacular Drakensberg Mountains are a challenge for adventure seekers and a heaven for wildlife lovers. Extending from northeast to southwest for around 1,125 km, the Drakensberg is part of the Great Escarpment and the main watershed of South Africa.) for the weekend.

We went to rugby last night at ABSA stadium and our local provinsional team called the SHARKS - WON !!! Then we had a braai (BBQ) with the group of friends that we went with. It is a South African institution to have a braai on the out lying fields of the stadium after a match next to your car. You bring your little charcol braai or your gas 'Skottle' (the skottle is a must have in SA - you are not a South African until you own one!!) as well as tables & chairs and then every one cooks their WORS - this is a uniquely South African sausage that makes its presence at every braai. The kids love it, being able to stay up late, have all this space to run around in - having the time of their life. There are probably about 6 -10 000 people that do this. It is almost like a carnival feeling, music playing, kids running around, strangers from opposing teams teasing other about who won or lost!!

Chris's parents are out from Mauritius at the moment, we had them over for lunch today. We all had a great time, especially Miguel, as he only gets to see them once a year for a week or two. He was very excited & they were surprised to see how he had grown & how well he is talking (he has the speech of a 4 year old - my son takes after his mother we like to talk . . . im sure you have guessed by now !!)

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