Friday, February 16

Drakensberg Holiday !!

We have just returned from a few days in the berg, this is one of the most amazing places in South Africa. Situated along southeast coast of South Africa, Drakensberg mountain range is a challenge for adventure seekers and a heaven for wildlife lovers. Extending from northeast to southwest for around 1,125 km, Drakensberg is part of the Great Escarpment and the main watershed of South Africa. The local Zulu name for Drakensberg is Quathlamba or ‘The Barrier of Spears’, an accurate description for Drakensberg that rises over 3000 metres in height.
You may not want to venture further than one of the four stunningly- situated golf courses. Horse trails and scenic self-drives offer respite for aching feet without missing the unforgettable experience of, say, watching rare birds of prey settling down to dine at a 'Vulture Restaurant'. Or you could cast a line in one of the trout streams and more than likely catch your own lunch...Accommodation caters for all tastes and budgets... from luxury resorts and hotels with ultra-modern conference facilities to guest- houses, B&B establishments, caravan parks and cabins. Out in 'the wild', huts and listed caves await weary hikers.Thousands of trails are marked across the Berg - from short ambles through indigenous fern forests to more strenuous day-long traversing of river and hillside to full-on adventuring in the face of nature.
The place we stayed in is called Little Switzerland, these are self catering (as well as a hotel on the property) and it was just perfect for us - a bowling green, horse riding, pool & a 'giant' jungle gym that most definitely got Miguel's approval & a spa that got mine !!!.

Miguel my little star was so happy - - he had a wonderful time. He was busy non stop - he played, helped papa with building a fire in the fire place even though it was almost 30deg Celsius (86 degree Fahrenheit) !!! In Durban there is no call for fire places as it never gets cold enough so when Chris saw a fire place he had to use it no matter what !!!

We spent Saturday morning going for a horse ride - he rode like a pro - as if he had been riding all his life, he LOVED it - Look at me mommy im big now, I can ride & look for the zebras too!! Riding with one hand & the other shading his eyes, like he was John Wayne outon the range! He would not let me hold him & could only walk next to the horse (but not too close). I then took Miguel for a 'refreshing' swim in one of the pools - he is fearless & is now trying to swim by himself, the problem is that he cant but this does not bother him as he swims away from the step regardless if you are watching him or not!! On Sunday morning I had a special treat - a hot rock massage . . .oooooooohhh!! Lord have Mercy !!! That was sublime !! Afterwards I played putt putt with Miguel, followed by a huge session on the trampoline, another horse ride on his horse that he has now very originally named 'Horsie Ridey' & to end the morning off a session of invisible bowls. I tell you I got some strange looks, it was a close game between Miguel & I but I won in the end - as if any of you had any doubt . . .'long live the bowling queen'!! It was then time to head on home.

Here is a layout that I did of a weekend break we took over Christmas, It is called Zinkwazi & is a place that only locals really know, it is about 1 hour from us up the corth coast of Natal. It has a beautiful beach with a lagoon as well, so it is perfect for Miguel to swim & explore all day long. We are so lucky in that we have the mountains 2 hours away, the beach is 20 minutes away & game parks are about 1 hour away. The only thing we dont have is skiing - that is about 8 hours drive in winter from us to the south.

Thursday, February 8

My future oscar winner

This is my son Miguel putting on a royal award winning performance for me. He unfortunately twisted his ankle a little the day before, and was milking it for all its worth!! I love him ...he is so comical, I'm sure that one day he will win an Oscar !!!

Journaling :
Date : 08 Feb 2007
Place : Home
Accident : The patient twisted his ankle, when he was on his way to retrieve a ball that had fallen over the balcony. After a treatment based on ice, love & kisses from head practitioner (mama), the patient, was announced to be making a speedy recovery. This was based on the way the patient was using this injury to his full advantage & professing to one & all that he had a ‘bandit on his angle!"

Credits :
Staple - JBaechtold
The Background, band aid & pen belong to some one - but there was no TOU's with them so therefore no name.

I feel that there is something missing in this layout . . . any ideas?? I think that it is the main large photo that is letting the layout down.

Here is layout no two . . .

Credits :
Background-Pumpkin Pie Kit - by Rikki Donovan
BeadedWire Element_Beth Nixon . . . .
Staple - JBaechtold
Stitching & ribbon (I altered shape & colors) - shabby Princess . . . .
EventRecord by KPertiet

I have found a great website for fonts . . . wonder over & give it a look, it is great especially for hand writing fronts - they have it by the dozen.

Had a great dinner last night with a new friend Danie & my sister, we stayed up chatting until midnight, drinking great red wine (supplied by my new best friend Danie ;o) ) We will definitely be doing that again!! Hi Danie !!!

We are off to the Drakensberg tomorrow - YAY !!! Will post pics when I get back . . have a great weekend !!

Tuesday, February 6

Entering my first Digi Dare !!

Im so excited . . . im entering my first Digi Dare. the web site is as follows

Well I will have to wait to see what they have to say !!! about my layout on my fatal attraction for bread !!

Credits are as follows :
Light blue paper - Cbender_pp_FairyWishes
Dark blue - pumpkin pie kit - Rikki Donovan
Heart doodles - Anne DeJong
Love you forever stamp & Metal clip -MissMint_Coordinated Kit_Playground Pop
staples - SG_Refresh_TDO_Silver-Staple
Kitchen Recipe card - Mandy Stewart
Alpha - made by me using front named 4990810 as template
Blue ribbon & bow - made by me
Font for Journaling - Folio
Journaling is a follows:
I have for all my life had a love/hate relationship with bread, but in the end . . .’it just makes me happy’
How do I love thee let me count the ways, I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears of all my live ... -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Sunday, February 4

Well my nephew Marc turned one year old yesterday!!! I cannot beleive it, he has a head of the most georgous strawberry blond hair that you have ever seen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!!

Unfortunatly they live in Johannesberg so we missed the party, but we will see them all - Chris's mother & father who are here from Mauritius, His brother Greg & his wife Bonita with little Marc, next weekend when we go to the Drakensberg (a beautiful inland mountain range. The Drakensberg mountain range is situated along southeast coast of South Africa. These spectacular Drakensberg Mountains are a challenge for adventure seekers and a heaven for wildlife lovers. Extending from northeast to southwest for around 1,125 km, the Drakensberg is part of the Great Escarpment and the main watershed of South Africa.) for the weekend.

We went to rugby last night at ABSA stadium and our local provinsional team called the SHARKS - WON !!! Then we had a braai (BBQ) with the group of friends that we went with. It is a South African institution to have a braai on the out lying fields of the stadium after a match next to your car. You bring your little charcol braai or your gas 'Skottle' (the skottle is a must have in SA - you are not a South African until you own one!!) as well as tables & chairs and then every one cooks their WORS - this is a uniquely South African sausage that makes its presence at every braai. The kids love it, being able to stay up late, have all this space to run around in - having the time of their life. There are probably about 6 -10 000 people that do this. It is almost like a carnival feeling, music playing, kids running around, strangers from opposing teams teasing other about who won or lost!!

Chris's parents are out from Mauritius at the moment, we had them over for lunch today. We all had a great time, especially Miguel, as he only gets to see them once a year for a week or two. He was very excited & they were surprised to see how he had grown & how well he is talking (he has the speech of a 4 year old - my son takes after his mother we like to talk . . . im sure you have guessed by now !!)

Thursday, February 1

Hi to all

Hi there, so this is day one of my blog, I finally got my self one. Let me introduce myself to you. I live in South Africa - the greatest country of all - I can say this as I have been fortunate to be able to live in or at least visit every continent (well except for Australia) & I love my country!! I hope that through my blog you will come to know this & not only know my home through negative publicity.

I have an amazing partner Chris, he is 34 years old - he is my rock & has stood by me through thick & thin . . . one could not ask for better (even if he is a nerd!! :o) ) His mom & dad are Mauritian, he is a solutions architect in the IT industry. I also have a 2 year old son, Miguel - who surprises & amazes me & makes me strive to be a better person every day!!

I was 7 years in the travel industry (4 as a travel agent & 3 with a tour operator in the Inbound department - this means that I brought them into SA and not sent them out!!). I am now a stay @ home mom & still not used to it, I must admit something .. I now have a very large new found respect for my mom, she was a stay home mom of two, in countries where she could not speak the language! My amazing moms name is Mirta, she is Argentinian & is incredibly supportive & creative, she has a lovely accent - just like Selma Hayek. My Dad name is Tony and he is from Southern Ireland& he has been the steady rock in my life (though I'm sure that is where I get my very calm Irish temper from). I have a sister - Geraldine, who is a whizz at Coral Draw & does the most innovative designs with invitations.

I love digital scrap booking, photography (I'm sure my son thinks that he is someone famous with his own personal paparazzi) & I will devour ... sorry read anything by Terry Pratchett. I love my home & I am doing it up little by little. I think that it reflects who we are as a family, it is filled with photos of places & us, our families & friends - I am sure that strangers to our home think that we are the vainest people that they have met.

  • The Kruger National Park nature reserve supports the greatest variety of wildlife species on the African continent. It is roughly the size of Wales, or the state of Massachusetts (USA), which makes it the eighth largest reserve in the world.
  • Table Mountain in Cape Town is one of the seven wonders of the geological world. Standing at just over 1000 metres, it dominates the city's skyline. Table Mountain can be seen as far as 200 kilometres out to sea.
  • The world's best land-based whale-watching spot is located in Hermanus, Western Cape.

  • South Africa is one of only 12 countries where tap water is safe to drink. Its tap water is rated the third best worldwide.

  • Seal Island in False Bay is the only place in the world where Great Whites consistently breach (leap completely out of the water) to catch their prey, mainly seals. It also boasts the highest frequency of Great White shark attacks in the world.

I wanted to add this from my favourite author Terry Pratchett from the book Truth . . . perhaps it will chnge your way of thinking !!

"There are, it has been said, two types of people in the world. There are those who, when presented with a glass that is exactly half full, say: this glass is half full. And then there are those who say: this glass is half empty. The world belongs, however, to those who can look at the glass and say: What's up with this glass? Excuse me? Excuse me? This is my glass? I don't think so. My glass was full! And it was a bigger glass!"