Tuesday, January 27

success !!!

Well, Miguel's new school is a complete success, he loves it!! The first day of school he woke up at 5 in the morning!!! Never in his entire life has he ever woken up that early - not even as a new born!! He was so annoyed when he realised that he had to wait 2 hours before leaving!!

" When its time to go I will be so tired that I wont have any fun - its going to be forever!!'

those baby blues get me every time!!

the grade 00 - 0 playground. The class rooms are in the background
He took to it like a duck to water! At midday I went to collect him from his school, bringing along my mom and dad, so that they could see the school and where to collect him from. Only to find his highness lying in the reading corner on some pillows as if he owned the place!!
He could not stop talking about the 4 jungle gyms, the climbing wall, the play cave; also how in this school they have their own swimming pool for the 'small' (grade 00-0) school to swim in and he will be doing PE every Friday. "How cool is that mama - even better than an ice planet!!"

walking with abuelo (my dad) - filthy and tired after a great day!!

huge kisses for abuela (my mama)

posing with his first art work from Thomas More!!
apparently it is a picture of a laser that fires out rainbows!!

When we got home, I made him go down for what I thought would be a short nap .. 3 hours later he wakes up and asks if it is time to go back to school!!! When he heard that it was still the same day and that he would have to go to sleep again in a few hours he was madder than a hornet ..... ' i have to wait forever again!!'

This is one of my old shirts that i recycled, by appliqueing the letters MESS on the front. The fabric for the letters came from a pair of sleeping shorts that had a large burn mark on them. (okay so I suck at ironing!) This is for Miguel to take to school and use it as a painting shirt!!

Wednesday, January 14

More goodies that I have finished ...


Miguel stated that he needed some monsters quick .. so I made these bad boys for him on Monday night, based on his detailed requirements ....... I am constantly inspired by etsy and I saw ones there that really inspired me.

After the monsters, His Highness decided that he needed more - but now he needed something that the monsters could scare .. so I made these up for him last night. I think that they look suitably timid enough - what do you think? If these little faces doesnt say scaredy cat nothing will!!

This shirt was a belated christmas present for the ever cute 18 month old Corban --- and i had to put a little heart on the bum just to show how much I love him!!

Miguel is getting ready for school .. well it starts next thursday, but we are getting into the routine now, but he really does not like mornings. He is into Magic at the moment ... yip not only is he going to be a pro-golfer, a truck driver, a builder, an astrounaut (only on weekends though) and a game ranger - but now a magician too!
His favourite thing to do at the moment, is to say ...

'Mom i am going to make some thing dissapear like magic!! Close your eyes...'
and while your eyes are closed he magically makes and entire biscuit or sweet dissapear in his mouth!!!

Cheeky little monkey!!! MMMMM but you gotta love him!!
oooh and just behind him is the ever lovely Kate with her new blanki that i made her, as her fave was falling appart, so I decided to make her a big girl one with graphic flower print and a felt flower with her initial ....
iM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED ... i Start my quilting course on Saturday, my folks and chris payed for my course and the fabrics as my christmas present, now who is the luckiest girl eva!!!!!

Miguels newest invention

Miguel is up to his tricks again ... he loves nothing more than to invent and build. A few months ago we bought his a marble run, where you stack different slides together to make your marbles run from top to bottom triggering different things. We he decided that this would make the perfect loader for the model car that he received for Christmas... so what do you think of my little engineer?

I think that they did an amazing job on the model car. he had to sand it, paint it and then assemble is using glue, nails and screws. They even found tiny Mosaic mirrors to use as side mirrors. They covered the wooden chair with a vinyl so that it looked like a leather car seat! Great job guys!!

the above is Miguel's new pencil case for his new school which he starts on Thursday .. he is so excited to be starting there, as they have a climbing wall that he is dying to get his hands and feet on!! I hand stitched the felt applique and used a great step by step tutorial at Crafster to line it, something i have always had great difficulty. Though I think that this time i hit the nail on the head don't you?!?!

I started my quilting course last Sat... it was fantastic and even though at the moment i am learning the simple log cabin - I LOVE IT!!! I cant wait for this weeks lesson!!! I have to upload the fabrics I bought so that you can see them. I will try to do it tomorrow .. the are to quiltilicious!!!!

m off to finish up MIguels school uniform ... later

Tuesday, January 13

This made me happy ... very happy

You need to watch this video ...it will make you smile and lighten your heart ....

14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Monday, January 5

Mishap Betty

I have never made a doll of any kind before and I came across a photo of this BLACK APPLE DOLL online... and i thought to my self how hard could this be?? Well armed with only a picture I made my own pattern cut it out and put her together ... I will now say I officially eat my hat. It is really hard to put all the pieces together.

Her head is too short, her arms and legs are too skinny .. plus i gave my self not enough seam allowance. So her leg was not sewn on properly and promptly self amputated itself.... Sewing the head closed is not a pretty sight either!!
I have drawn up a new pattern (can be seen with mishap Betty as she is now officially known.) That i will give a go at tomorrow - will be keeping my toes crossed during the attempt as i need all my fingers to get her right!! If anyone had tip and/or suggestions give me please drop me a line ... or perhaps even a different doll to make for little ones!!!!

But on a much better note, we are FINALLY members of the DUC... Durban Undersea Club. Thanks to our Friends the Zeirvogels and the Radcliffs - THANKS GUYS!!

The club is situated on the beach in Durban at Vetch's Pier, between Ushaka Marine World and the northern harbour breakwater. The facilities at the club include the following : A large clubhouse with bar and kitchen facilities, clean ablutions, dining area, function facilities, a fully equipped dive locker with a 450lt/min air and nitrox compressor and 12 sets of SCUBA Equipment, a washing up area with rinse baths and showers for dive kit and boats, safe parking with controlled access and easy foot access to the beach from the sun tanning lawn area outside the clubhouse.

The beach in front of the clubhouse is protected from large waves and currents by the Vetch's pier breakwater, a +- 500m long submerged reef which, along with adjacent limestone reef, is home to hundreds of species of marine life and is a great snorkel and or shallow SCUBA dive (max 6m depth). The calm waters and protection from the Bluff makes the DUC beach one of the safest and best for beach goers with children.

The best thing according to Chris is that the beers are always cheap and cold!! BBQ's and charcoal are supplied every Sunday, so all you have to do is bring your meat and slap it on the grill!! We cannot wait to make it our home away from home .. it is about 15 - 20 min from our house so its not far at all!!!

this is the view from the grassed area ... on the far right is the clubhouse, the beach is directly in front and on the far left is Durban beach front.

Miguel loves it there, as they also have a Jungle Gym that he spends ages on. I have been teaching him how to body board over the last few days, and he is really getting the hang of it now, unfortunately i don't have any photos of him, as I am always in the water with him. But I will try to get some soon.

This is him setting off fearlessly, with out a backward glance to see if im coming ...

In the water with the Zeirvogels - Mike, Michelle and as Miguel calls him '5 year old Marc' - (don't forget that Miguel's younger cousin is called Marc too)