Friday, November 27


There is nothing worse that reality not living up to anticipation ...

I have for along time coveted Sublime Stitching's designs, look at the site and tell me any young / young at heart embroiderer would not wnat them .... i mean look at these.

Whilst I do understand that there are some that are by guest artists (those designs are denoted by the ARTIST SERIES) the majority are her own designs, unfortunately have not been able to indulge in this clandestine crush.

Then my local book shop brought in -

well I almost PLATZED!! I was so excited .... I rushed over and picked up the shrink wrapped book with gentle shaking hands & turned it over .... my heart sank.. It was out of my budget. I went home and said to myself it it was meant to be it will. So I did some extra sewing on consignment etc to save the money for this. I thought to my self buying this book of "100's of origional and hip designs" is sooooooo much better than just being able to buy a only couple of her designs on line.

So I saved my pennies for 3 months and went off to the shop .. and there she still was, waiting ever so patiently for me. I paid for her, took her home and tore of the shrink wrap cling film opened the cover and was thrilled at how beautiful the book was made and how lovely the introduction pages were, then I got to the transfer section which is 90% of the book ... and after a few pages my heart just dropped.

Instead of the amazing "innovative, original and HIP designs" that were promised on the cover of the book I got this :

They are the most simplistic drawings, that 5 year old Miguel could manage a pentagon star or a circle with a line drawn through it to represent a planet. Can any one honestly tell me that the above are original and hip?? We have seen them done before and to be honest far less crudely done as well.

Not only are the transfers basic, I don't think they are too stylish, most are quite crude and you could find better in children's colouring in books. I could draw a little cherry and stem or a 5 pointed star that has way more flair. There are about 10 designs that are really good but the rest is just more along the lines of the above ....

There are not 100's of designs there are only 86 ... that are repeated again and again in various sizes. In this day and age of home scanners and printers is that really necessary? If you were a complete novice and had never stitched before then perhaps this is the book for you .. but it does not say that it is for beginners on the cover or even for people that are artistically challenged who cannot draw a star.

I feel so mislead and angry!! And the worse thing is i cant even return the book for a refund as I have taken it out of the cling wrap that it comes in... now I know why it was wrapped so you cant look inside !!

Well now I know for next time - If i cant peruse I wont use!!

Tuesday, November 10

What a give away!!

I know that i have not been around lately, but between work and life ...there is just no time!!

Though i think i will have to make the time if i am lucky enough to get drawn for this wonderful prize on!!

The prize is a A huge collection of fabric scraps, DMC embroidery floss (which we all know how badly i covet floss living in deepest darkest Africa!!), Two stitchable tea towels and then lastly - excuse me while i catch my breath - And a wonderful book Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart.

OOOOHHH be still my beating heart!!! Go and join in and perhaps you will get lucky!! but remember my cut if you do!!!! LOL!!