Tuesday, November 25


Hey every one ... I'm sooo sorry that i had disappeared, but time just escaped from me, to be honest I think that I needed the break!! I took the HANDMADE PLEDGE , why don't you?? I have rediscovered my love of sewing and I have decided to make all my Xmas gifts this year, so I am up to my eyeballs in gifts that are half done and i only have 3 weeks left!! I cant even do a little brag here in case someone sees them and then the surprise is ruined!! But as soon as i can i will post them all as I am quite proud of myself. Think i may even crack and give a little preview soon!!

Last night i went to the Lionel Ritchie concert ... it was AMAZING!! I absolutely love him, cheesy i know,i know . . . but who cares!!! At one time the crowd was singing soooo loud that you could bearly hear him!! I love my sister ... as she spoiled me with the tickets as a surprise treat, because last Friday was 1 year ago was when i found out i had cancer ... can you believe it was sooo long ago. It truly feels like it all happened only yesterday !!

I am posting 2 freebies for you today in order to beg your forgiveness. The red frayed one is a old one with a new link, whilst the white torn corrugated board is a new one ...


I hope that you like them ....

FOR THE FAMILY : Just wanted to add a couple of new photos of Miguel, and also to let you know that he was accepted to THOMAS MORE COLLAGE, we are so happy and excited.

Here he is ... he is so grown up now that some days i forget that he is just 4! He tells me today.."moma (not sure where he gets that pronunciation from?!?!) when i grow up and I'm 13, I am going to be a astronaut and on the weekends a game ranger, but i will have assistants because i wont be very strong because i just cant eat vegetables. I'm sure that they make me sick. See ...." (followed by a huge Oscar winning performance TB sounding cough!!)

How can you not fall in love with this???