Tuesday, August 14


I have to show you how cute Miguel was this day. We had been painting in the afternoon with a couple of the kids from the complex, they had a blast - I think that you can see how much fun they had by the mess in my kitchen!! I was trying to film Miguel doing one of his masterpieces when I got this cute little 'hello'.

Tuesday, August 7


My poor baby Miguel ... yesterday morning I got a call from Miguels teacher saying that she thinks that he had sprained his left ankle. When he got home at lunch time, he kept moaning that it was sore and he would not put any weight on it. I put a bandage on it and he seemed a little better for the afternoon. During the night as he slept he kept complaining about it - even in his sleep. I kept him home from school as i did not like the fact that he was saying that the arch of his foot was sore and not his ankle. I took him to the doctor in the afternoon, she said that she did not like the place that he was saying it was sore too.

So off we went ot hav ex-rays taken, Miguel took it all in his stride - he sat so still for the x-rays. When I showed him the film, he asked where is 'naked skin was???' The doctor then confirmed my suspicion - he had a green hairline fracture on his 1st Metatarsel (the long bone that makes up the arch of his foot). No cast has been put on .. as the doctor said that a hairline fracture does not need one. Just keep it supported and in about 2 weeks it should be healed. So I am keeping him out of school tomorrow and he is off any way on Thursday and Friday die to public holidays ... my poor baby!!!

I wanted to show you some of the work he has been bringing home from school this term ... I am so proud of him. He tries very hard and his cutting skills are improving nicely - he says that he cant do it like his friends but they are all between 7 months and a year older than him ... I think that he is doing brilliantly!!! We had a parents night not so long ago .. his teacher Maria said that he was the quitest boy in the class - WHAT ??!!?? Are you sure that you have the correct child?? Miguel does not stop talking and singing from when he wakes up till he falls asleep - she assured me that she indeed was talking about the correct child!! She said that he was doing very well and was on par with the 4 yearolds in the class with regard to number recognition and was ahead of most of his class mates on recognising letters of the alphabet - he can easily recognise 9 letters of the alphabet!!

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A last little Miguel-ism for you - 'Miguel close your eyes and go to sleep' ... ' but mama if I close my eyes they cant work!!'