Tuesday, May 8

{School Update}

Well I thought that I'd give you an update on how Miguel is enjoying school. All I can say is so far so good ... In the morning I get about 5 minutes of a Oscar winning performance about how he cant go to school with the requisite two tears sliding extremely slowly out the corner of the eye, the pouty, wobbly bottom lip. But the second he is in the car he is quite happy to go. He begins to get quite excited talking about his teacher,Maria; the painting he does at school, the huge jungle gym etc .. and he is fine.
His vocabulary has changed Ive noticed in the 5 days that he has been going - it's regressed. His two new FAVOURITE word are 'huh' and 'hey'. Ooooh it grates me to hear his beautiful use of the language to now include those words, mind you when I hear what other kids pick up at school, I think that I can learn to live with those two!

Ohh ... the other day he came up with one of his best words yet !! I was trying to put him down for is afternoon nap, but he was over-excited from school. I had just told him for what felt like the 100th time to lay down and close his eyes, when he piped up with this look of pure consternation on his face and stated "but mama, it is impossible for me to close my eyes!!" Needless to say when confronted with that argument, mama caved in and Miguel when napless that day!! I think that we may have a future litigator on our hands. Gosh he is going to be busy, between professional Golf, Singing in a successful band, professional soccer and now a litigator - my busy little genius had better learn to live on naps after all !!!
Just thought Id show you the invitation that I made for our engagement party ... I will take some photos and let you know how it goes!! Im quite excited about it!!


Branden said...

Bet you can't wait for the day he tells his teacher about "the F@#%en ants" in the kitchen :)

Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Cleo...Great to catch up with the happenings in your household and Miquels school progress...he sounds a very bright young man!!

I've also been busy updating my blog so pop over when you have a spare moment or two!!

Gosh you have been creative with the invitation for the engagement party...hope it all goes well and have lots of fun. I'll look forward to seeing some pics of the great day!

love & hugs