Monday, September 24

Mig Ayesa - Baby I Love Your Way

this song was so beautifuly performed, that it made me cry and my heart ache - i think that it is the best performance i have ever heard!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Cleo,

I agree that MiG's version of "Baby I Love Your Way" is just beautiful.

I see you're in South Africa...did you know that MiG is currently in South Africa in rehearsals for the We Will Rock You (Queen Musical) tour going to New Zealand and then to Asia?

You can learn more about what MiG's been up to and what's ahead by visiting his official site at:

Or, his official MySpace at:

There are many MiG fansites, the one I am involved in is:

Would love to hear from you!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Cleo, I just got a google alert for your blog on MiG's Baby I Love Your Way. I gotta say, it definatly is beautiful. You should check out some of his other sites, his newer original songs are just as awesome. And MiG is currently in rehearsals in Jo'Burg for the We Will Rock You tour. I see you are a photog! Maybe you could stop down to Jo'Burg and look up the WWRY rehearsal site and get some good pics of MiG! Ya never know! Your photos are awesome, and you would def get some good shots!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cleo! You have great taste in music. This song is on MiG's debut CD and also on iTunes. If it's not availble to you in South Africa, contact one of the moderators at the fansites and they'll hook ya up!

katg1006 said...

Hi Cleo!! Wow that is one of my favorite songs and he did it beautifully! Thank you for sharing!