Sunday, October 7

{A fantastic Weekend!!!}

Well we had a great week - it was Chris's birthday this week and his very good, long time friend since childhood - Justin came down form Johannesburg to spend the week with us!! YAY we LOVE Justin. Chris had a blast having him with us, it has been a while since i have seen him so carefree - the two of them acted like teenagers the whole week, just what the doctor ordered.

Miguel loves having Justin around, he treats Justin like one would a big brother - teasing, joking and just having fun being as silly as you can. Justin thank you for being so good to Miguel - we all love you ... come back soon.

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dont you love bobble heads - it is my new fave thing - you will be seeing a lot of it so brace yourselves)

On Saturday night we had a birthday party for Chris, we had a blast. A BBQ was the order of the day , with much wine, laughter and seeing which was the most arb one hit wonders that we could find in between out MP3 collection with has about a bizillion songs!! Of course with those long forgotten one hit wonders can out all the screaming recollections of bad haircuts, perms, MC Hammer pants, Madonna bangles etc ... as well as live renditions of our 'hot' dance moves from the early 90's ... goodness when did we get to be middle aged?? though admittedly we sure do look fine!!!

Guess what i did for the first time today ???? make cup cakes!!! Tomorrow Miguel is baker man and this means that he has to bring cupcakes to school for his class mates ... my brilliant neighbour Antoinette ('Tony') offered to make them for Miguel & she whipped them up in about 3 seconds flat and then left the icing to me - not bad for a virgin icier if i may say so my self!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love to visit your blog Cleo... always fab pics to see !!
ROFL at the bobble head... I LOVE it, it's amazing... how do you do that :D

alleycat said...

Happy *belated* birthday to your hubby ! Glad you had a great time and yes, those cupcakes looks very yummie indeed !