Sunday, April 5

Life has been good ....

The past couple of weeks have been really good. You know those kind of times in your life that you think to yourself - this is the the best that it could get - nothing can top this!! We have spent entire weekends at the beach, Just relaxing with great friends, eating good food, having the odd Mermaids Orgasm slushies!!
I have been teaching Miguel to bodyboard for a while now, but last weekend my friend Michelle Z (we have 4 Michelle's so we ID them my the first letter of their surname!) decided that it was time for Miguel to learn to surf as her 5 year old Marc is learning ... I present to your my my awesome 4 year old surfing. He had only been at it for 20 minutes before catching 2 foot waves and riding it SOLO for about 15 meters!!! Miguel and Marc were catching about 50% of their waves ... WOOOHOOO these boys rock!!

Sorry the shot is such a action shot but Michelle who was taking it was trying to keep afloat and not to drown, was not sure if the waterproof cam was working so it was just a hit and miss shot!! !!

I have also been busy making loads of things, some for a swap, and a couple as gifts .. I will just give the sneak peaks for the swap- don't want to give too much away just in case my swap partner drops by ..

I am sooo excited this is my first swap ever!!! This is the parcel waiting patiently at the front door to be taken to the post office (it went on the 31st).

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Daydreams On MountainTops said...

It looks like something from the Sublime Stitching craft pad! I'm jealous- I'd love to get a swap ready with you- think about it?!