Sunday, May 10

Well we are in Mauritius at last!! 3 weeks worth of tropical weather and the beach at our feet every day!! Miguel is having a ball here going to Grandmere’s beach every day!! We went to Blue Bay yesterday ... Miguel LOVED it and wants to go back every day! Blue Bay in Mauritius is located along the South eastern coast of Mauritius.! It has been designated a Marine Park, and is in fact Mauritius’ only Marine Park.

The two things that he loved the most were feeding the fish while swimming with them and jumping off the boat into the water ... we are going to try and go back at least one more time. The waters are incredibly clear and just by looking over the side of the boat you can see an abundance of fish and more coral than I have ever seen in my life!! It was an amazing day, with Miguel just loving every second of it all!

My Boys

Blue Bay ... could you find anything better??

getting ready for his fave. part ......

Jumping of the boat ... or as he says ... jumping like a pirate into the sea full of sharks!!

Even though it was a little cloudy, so the light was not the best for photos ... you can see all the fish in the water and the coral reef under (about 2 meters below)

Have to go as I dont have much more time .. love to you all


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Daydreams On MountainTops said...

TOTALLY JEALOUS, and wishing you guys the most fun EVER! Looks like you don't need much help with the beautiful view!
xoxox Linda