Friday, March 9

My first FREEBIE ever

This is a new layout that I have been working on for about a week, it just never seemed to look right.
Journaling on the newspaper reads :

Today we took Miguel to the Natural History Museum. He had no idea what to expect, but the adventure of going to the middle of the city, crossing at the zebra (pedestrian) crossings were enough to make his day.
When we got there the first thing he saw was a life size replica of an elephants head, he stood and stared for about 5 minutes in wonder. He loved it! He was amazed at how big an elephant, rhino & Giraffe really were, proclaiming at the top of his voice, standing on tip toes, hands reaching for the sky . . . that 'this one is the hugest giant one'. That was until he saw the next one and he would proclaim once again that THIS one was 'the hugest giant one'.
He was enthralled by the South African Mammal exhibit, going form one display to the next asking every question that came in to his head. He was very impressed with this until he turned the corner & came face to face ... well face to ankle with a 7 meter high TRex.
He looked as if he had found heaven. 'This is my one, its the most giant one he stated in a very solemn, serious voice'. He walked around it a few times just studying it from all angles. He then declared that because he was almost a grown up he could ride the 'most giant' dinosaurs tail, which he proceeded to do, as I am quite certain that countless boys before him have done.He sat there with a look of pure joy, adventure & recklessness.
By the time it was time to go home he was a happy, fulfilled & tired little boy that felt like he had conquered the world.
That night just before bed he asked me if for his birthday instead of a 'skater board' could he have the dinosaur instead, because he has no mommy & he could share his dinner too.

font : undercurrent
arrow - Kari Q
stapel - k hadfield, just minty mocha kit
photo frame - KPertiet_Ad21107
Blue paper with dino stitching, Museum ticket stub, dino die cuts & newspaper - Me!

Yip ... Ive jumped on the bandwagon & have worked on my first alpha set ever. Thought Id give it away just to get your crit on it. You know the drill, give me some love if you love it.

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Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Cleo I really liked this LO when I saw it in the gallery at DSSA - great work.

How clever of you do make your own Alpha, I really must start doing some myself one of these days...if only there were more hours in the day!!!