Tuesday, March 27

{New Garden}

I wanted to show you this while & had a few minutes to myself.

We live in a duplex and we have the most awesome patio - it is very large & we live on it. We use it pretty much year round & it is a second lounge for us. The thing is we also have a small garden outback but ...

You can see why we don't use it much - it is so depressing I keep my curtains closed most of the time. Although Miguel loves it, he plays with his 'diggers' in it all the time - his ultimate aim is to 'dig a hole to china to see where the sun go's to sleep' so he tells me. As you can see by the holes he is not that far off from success.

We have decided at long last to do something about it - as neither Chris or myself have 'green fingers' in any way mean or form ... we have decided to get some help. Our brief to them was : simple to look after, child friendly, local indigenous plants, butterfly attractive & usable. This is what they have proposed to us, I think that they have done marvelously. Im so excited it look so structured & beautiful, so grown up - I never thought that I would have a garden that looked like this.

ps I made the scalloped, bent photo frames - what do you think??

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Scraps of Bev said...

Hey CLeo this is so exciting...I think the garden design looks just great..I shall want to see photo's when its all done!
I love the story of Miquel wanting to dig down to China to see where the sun goes to sleep...made me smile.

Now about the scalloped, bent photo frames I love them where did you find a tut. for them or did you do this yourself.

Glad you like the idea of my new challenge..thought it would make a change for lots of ladies and also give you all something to really think about with your photography.