Saturday, March 24

{Botanical Gardens}

New look, i wanted to try something out... I wanted it to feel like a journal and not a web page, it is more work but I think it is worth it ... leave me a note & let me know what you think... :O)
On Wednesday there was a public holiday here...yay!! It was a gorgeous day so we decided to go off to the Durban Botanical Gardens. We love to go there, It is extremely popular for weeding photographs & it is not unusual to see any where from 5-9 bridal parties at one time during the weekend!!

The site originally selected for Durban's first botanic gardens was on the flat land at the end of the Berea ridge besides the Umgeni River, near what is today Quarry Road. Here in December 1849 Dr Charles Johnston began work on planting out plots of 'economics'. Town was a good four kilometers away and the area was still rather wild: hippo and crocodile lived in the river and African python and mamba romped among the Euphorbias, a few of which still survive today on the slopes of the nearby Berea. To think that this amazing place a oasis in the middle of the city!

We just packed some hot dogs & then picked up my sister - Miguels aunty Nena (Geraldine) and off we went. Miguel Was in his element, playing ball, throwing frizbees, engaging strangers in his conversation, climbing trees(they allow the children to do that - how great is that?). , feeding the ducks. Im not sure who was more exhausted by the time we left, Miguel or Geraldine & Chris. I on the other hand felt completely relaxed, as it was FINALY my day off - I just lay on the blanket & took photos.
On some Sundays there is Music at the Lake, every thing from Orchestral to Pop music - we have even had Jamie Cullem play there (sorry I missed you, but Miguel was sick). Is is amazing ... it starts early afternoon & whole families, couples & groups of friends come with their picnic baskets & drinks - some go as simple as sandwiches & soft drinks on their blankets, while others go all out Champagne, wine, cocktail snacks with their tables & chairs set up under trees that are hundreds of years old and spend the rest of the afternoon & evening just chilling, relaxing and being together.


Scraps of Bev said...

Cleo I think it has a 'nice, clean fresh' look to it and as you say it can and will be viewed more as a journal than a web page...

I really love reading your 'journal' as you are so good at giving the background/history of the places you are visiting and taking photo's at. It really does bring these places to life and at the end of reading them I have a lovely clear picture in my head as to where you've been and how the day has been for you all..keep it up please as I would miss popping in here to read your 'diary'!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it on Cleo. You are doing a good job...specially for us to be able to follow the life of the 3 of you.
Love to all of you
Big kisses to MIGUEL
from Laurence and Paulo

PS. I can't remember having taken the photos you mentioned!