Thursday, April 5


Hi all, just wanted to post this before the busy weekend starts ..
Happy Easter to everyone and remember at easter the chocolate is fat free !!

This is to wish my very good friend Debbi's son the gorgeous Harrison a Happy 1st Birthday


Scraps of Bev said...

Happy Easter Cleo to you and your family. I hope you have a happy and fun time.

Yes I agee Easter Eggs ARE fat free. It's a lovely layout you've done of your friends son for his birthday..I'm sure they will be thrilled to see it.

Louise said...

Cleo - your question on her space - my space, they post a photo of a word each day and we play along. everyone post their own interpretation on their own blog. play along - it's fun.

Gillian Foley said...

I LOVE that layout, Cleo! Especially love the colourful alphas you used! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey hon
Keep up the excellent work. Really pleased for you and Chris, Congratulations!!! Perhaps a stop off in London for your honeymoon??? Much love to you all
Debbie, Chris and Harrison