Friday, April 27

{New Haircut!}

Hi there, I had my hair all cut off today ... YAY!! I love growing my hair and then cutting it all off, it makes me feel fantastic. Like a snake shedding its skin!! It is Victoria Beckhams new cut - I love it - I think that it is gorgeous... here are some shots of it, they are self portraits so they are not the best, also I had just played 2 hours of golf with Miguel in the wind so i does not look exceptionally stylish!!

Miguel took some more photos today .. Miguel is very much a budding photographer - I have visions of him working for National Geographic, Vogue, Harper's, Time Magazine... I must confide in you something, he gets his talent purely from me !! :o) He gets no help from me to take the actual photos (apart from me making sure the wrist strap is on). He switches it on, looks at the screen and presses the 'click' as he calls it - all on his own.

He is unfortunately running a fever tonight, not sure why. I think that it is a cold - Murphy's law ... as he is finally starting pre-school on Monday, if he is ill I cant send him. He is not very keen on school - he hates been away from me. He has gotten very clingy over the last few months, to the point that poor Chris cant do a thing for him. School will be very good for him, as well as me!! The school he is going to is a fantastic place, Hopewell is just up the road - a beautifully renovated house. Big windows, glossy wooden floors, lovely outside play area, with what Miguel calls the 'most giant and pit ever'.

I have to tell you a story of how well Miguel speaks for his age. His new words are 'quite actually'. The other day we were running a little late for a birthday party that he was invited to. I got him dressed and ready and told him to play down stairs, while i got my shoes on and my hair dried. As im drying my hair, I hear him coming up the stairs and go into his room. I finish my hair. I come out of the room, shoes in had - hopping down the stairs trying to put my shoes on and do my belt at the same time, whilst yelling at Miguel to come down as we have to leave. Half way down I hear a soft serious 'mama, ummmmm, quite actually i have to tell you something'. This made me stop dead, - if you have kids you know the tone of voice that I am describing, its the tone that makes you heart fall to the floor and you know that now you are going to be VERY late.

I really did not want to look, so i just asked him 'Miguel what do you want to tell mama?' in a perky tone of voice, hoping against hope that my sinking heart is wrong. 'quite actually, ummm, well, quite actually there's something on my head and its stuck there!' I am now having all sorts of visions of what could possible be on his head. So I ask him what is on his head. 'In fact its an egg!' he replies. SO I brace my self and turn around - he has some how-i have no idea how, gotten his hands on a chocolate marshmallow Easter egg. This gungy, sticky mess is not only ON his hair - it is so well rubbed in that it was nourishing the roots beautifully. Needless to day that we were 40 minutes late!!

Today he was playing golf with my Da, and after 40 minutes, my Da told him his leg are very sore (he suffers badly from arthritis) and that he was going to sit down. 'Why are they sore abuleo?' 'Because they are old and have been used allot' 'Don't worry abuelo, when i go to the shops with mama I will buy you new ones and we can throw away the old ones fornever (ever).'

Thanks to every one for their well wishes to Chris and myself, it was a fantastic feeling.


Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Cleo..I going round catching up on my friends blogs...

First of all I just love your hair cut it looks really great and suits you so well.

Young Miguel is most certainly a budding photographer and who knows one day he may become famous and then will be able to keep his 'Mum & Dad' in a nice weathly style!!

Naughty Miguel and the chocolate egg on his should have taken a picture for us to see!!

As a golfer I'm always pleased to know when youngsters are taken with playing golf..another interest to encouge him to continue!

Catch up with you soon on skype!

Love Bev

IkeaGoddess said...

Love the new do - that red is hot.
I cracked up reading the stories of Miguel - love his "quite actually" wording.

Kyla Armstrong said...

Thank you for the alphas and we're glad you're going to be hanging around TDS!

Kyla Armstrong said...

Oh! And I love your new hairdo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fab hair do and love the colour... your little one sounds so much fun:)

Shell said...

Hi just got caught up on reading your blog. Congrats on the engagement & ring, congrats to your in-laws on having another baby & wow your son is cute & talented with the camera & golf clubs. Thanks for all the great freebies.

alleycat said...

Oh WOW Cleo - your new haircut is just FAB ! I love it - you look like a million dollars !

I hope miguel's fever was nothing too serious and that he is better by now.

lisbonlioness said...

Aww... luckily you're so much prettier than Ms Becks ;)

I absolutely love your designs and the way you arrange the beautiful photos. I'll keep checking back frequently- you found yourself a new fan!
May I link your blog on mine?