Sunday, April 1


I have had such a busy week that I'm not sure where to begin ... went out for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday. Yay for me! Chris had work dinners on both nights. On Wednesday we went and had Sushi .. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sushi! I would eat it every day if I could, I cant get enough of it and I always think that it is amazing, BUT last night our Itamae-San or sushi chef Rodney topped himself. He made a SUSHI COCKTAIL.. OH MY GOD !! It was the most beautiful piece of food I have ever seen. It was quite literally a word of art. It took him 40 minutes to make. It was a mixture of prawns, tuna, salmon, avo, sprouts, paper thin cucumber & white radish. It was almost a pity to eat it, but Chris is very glad that he did.

We met the nicest people, including Greg - Chris's brother, who hosted the dinner - thaks Greg. I had an awesome time, chatting and drinking Vodka, lime & ice till 1 in the morning!! For once Chris drove, I had such fun. So much fun in fact we are organising a poker evening at home next week and hopefully they are coming! Honey's you had better bring loads of cash, mama needs those red peep toe Nine West shoes.

On Thursday night we went to 'Ciao Italia'. In my opinion one of the best Italian places in town. Had a Divine parma ham starter followed by D-E-L-I-C-O-U-S prawns, and a class of good red wine. Thanks Dimension Data for a great evening.

Friday Miguel had a birthday party in the afternoon, he had a blast running around shouting 'en-gard' with his balloon sword. He loved the trampoline and eating the birthday boy, Marc's superman cake. By the time the party was over they were all practically bouncing of the walls, it was then off to Chris's work for a mid-year/Friday pub afternoon, It was Chinese themed dinner - Hats of to the chefs, they did a great job. Everyone brought their kids and while juniors ran amok in the grounds and offices, we all had a chance to catch our breath & to catch up with each other.

Last night I went out with my friend Danie and my neighbours to a traditional Afrikaans 'sokkie'. This is where they all get together in a hall, bring drinks and snacks and dance the night away to traditional 'Boer' music (Boer means Afrikaner farmer - but it is a slang term for Afrikaans speaking people). This is the first time I have ever been to one, as my family are immigrants to SA, so there for never really been exposed to the traditions of the Afrikaners. I tell you what, i was finished by the end of the night - I had never danced sokkie before, as well as quite unused to dancing with a partner. Once I learned the steps (very similar to a two step) I loved it and had a great time. I'm not sure if any of my partners feel the same though and I doubt that I will ever match the expertise of the dancers that I saw there, including a man that had just celebrated his 84 birthday - he flew around the room like he was dancing on air!! This morning though, the balls of my feet were aching!!

Today we had a great time, we all had a bit of a sleep-in this morning. After breakfast we took Miguel to Durban Harbour for a 40 minute harbour cruise. He was so excited that he could not sit still for more that 2 minutes before moving to another part of the boat to get a better 'look see'. "Look at the giant green boat, look at the baby boat (tug) pushing the mommy boat - is he naughty for doing that? Why is this boat big, why is that boat small, why does this boat have no roof, Why are those cranes small ones and those ones big ones ...." He did not stop asking questions at the top of his voice for 1 minute. Halfway through he made buddies with a boy about about 7/8 years old and cornered him for the rest of the trip. He kept running back and forth giving Chris & I these little excited hugs and squeals. He was exhausted by the time we got home & went down for a solid two hour nap! BUT before he could go down for his nap he asked for his new chalks and drew his harbour trip. This drawing took him almost 20 minutes, he spent ages on little details. Stating here are the birds, big mommy ships, tugs, sailing boats (yachts).

Chris had a great time taking photos & dreaming of being 'P DIDDY' on one of the yatchs, well we can all have our day dreams cant we ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Cleo

I think your blog is awesome and I love you and always will. Its fantastic to see that you have found yourself a hobbie that you are so passionate about and get so much fullfilment from ,,,

Your man
Chris !!

Scraps of Bev said...

Cleo ..this is awesome I've just read it all for a second time!

What a wonderful account of a super week for you,reading what you were all up to I felt as if I was there with you all taking part myself. I'm not a great lover of Sushi but with the way you've described it and the photo I could well be tempted!

Now Italian food I just love and would eat all the time and we went out last week to a local Italian for lunch and it was good. I sometimes make my own pasta!!

Young Miguel sounds as if he has also had a fab. week and no wonder he slept for 2 hours. I love the photo you have taken of his easel board and drawning..a photo to keep for the years ahead!!

I was very interested to read of your night out to an 'Afrikaans sokkie' sounds a lot of fun even if perhaps a little exhusting!!

Love that boat!!

Good to have you back blogging again Cleo!

Paul de Chasteauneuf said...

Keep up dreaming, that is good for the mind and you will amazed when they eventually come true...