Monday, June 18


Well on Tuesday last week we had a grown up night out with Branden, John-Terry and Michelle. We decided that it would be great to go go-karting. We got to the track and Michelle chickened out ...'cheep, cheep, cheep". She left me all alone with the boys on the race course. My Larry those karts are fast!! I felt like I was flying - flooring it on the straights, skidding around corners - I was an animal. I thought that was actually a contender, until I realised that Chris had won, followed closely by second place John (ooooh... I bet he is hating to see that in writing!!) and then Branden - when I realised I still had two laps to go !! To drown my sorrows we went our for sushi afterwards.

This is Michelle, she and John are the funniest couple that I have met in a long time. We all actually knew each other about 15 years ago whilst we were at school. Michelle and I did not become friends then, but now reconnecting with everyone after all these years. We have connected and I think we are on the way to becoming friends ... gosh I hope so, she is such a down to earth person who is incredibly funny and positive - she (and John) make you feel good just being in their company.

On Friday night we decided to have a FONDUE or a fondle as Chris likes to call it ... Michelle THANK YOU SO MUCH for the fantastic organisation, the food not only tasted great but it looked to good to eat!! Miguel fell asleep in the car on the way there, so we had loads of grown up time, while he slept! Yay! Thanks Miguel. Brendan and the OTHER Michelle joined us. We started off with a cheese fondue and some wine. We tucked in like children at a party ... the wine started flowing and the laughing started. I cant remember when last a laughed like that. The boys were hilarious, the more they laughed and joked the more wine was consumed - it was a vicious circle, till I was begging for mercy.
For desert we had a CHOCOLATE fondue ... good God, I think that i died and went to heaven, I made and absolute glutton on my self and I say this with absolutely NO shame. I revelled in chocolate and I am proud. Then the photos came out - you know the ones ... the 80's photos - oh my goodness, the Madonna hair, tanktops, stone washed denims. We were screaming with laughter and Brendan and Michelle just kept the commentry comming, until we were almost falling down with laughter. The party ended at about midnight and to tell you the truth, if Miguel hadn't woken up, I think that we would have all been there till the wee early hours of the morning!! Thanks guys for a awsome night!!

I have to tell you some of the things that Miguel has come up with lately .. he is always making me laugh!!
The other day I am trying to give him some medicine that he is not very fond of, when he tells me ... "Mama, coz im a big boy I will take my medicine, but after I'm going to say YUCK!"
I have been trying to teach Miguel the concept of brothers and sisters, explaining to him that boys and girls that have the same mama and daddy are called brothers and sisters because they are family ... he thinks about this for a while and promptly states that " daddy is my favourite brother because he is my family!"
I an still trying to convince Miguel to move from nappies to underpants as he is now a big boy ... well to say the least - this has been met with great resistance. On most days he will use the toilet with confidence, but on this day he was too busy too and did not have the tine to take a loo break (according to him " No fanks mama, I'm busy"). I kept asking and he kept turning me down until at one moment I said to him "All your friends at school use the toilet and underpants" " Yes mama" he replied, "but they are not here .." How can you fight logic like that??


Diamond said...

Looks Like you had alot of fun..go see my top've been tagged!

Serena said...

Sweetie, I just wanted to stop in and say that I absolutely appreciate each and every comment you leave me. You make me smile and I wish I could just hug you. Thanks for sticking with me and for always leaving positive comments, you are a true treasure!

(on a side note, I LOVE that picture of you(?) and Miguel, omgosh! SO KYOOT!!)

I'm glad you had a great time! :D Wish I could have been there, that chocolate looks fab!!!

Hugs!!!!! Lots of them! :D