Monday, June 4


We have had such a busy weekend!! Poker on Friday night (sorry ladies, I let the team down... Malcolm won!! sigh ...). Got new glasses too!! What do you think?

Went to Debbie (Chris's cousin Nick's wife) birthday party - thanks Debs it was great, Debbi is one of the best party thower that I know.

Yes folks - I actually did a paper card, I must admit it was a lot of fun to work with paper again!!!

Then on Sunday Malcolm and Elmarie came round and the boys did a roased chick on the Webber (kettle BBQ) with all the trimings ...mmmm. Thanks boys im now stuffed for the week and i am going in to hybernation!


Kim B said...

heya Cleo,
Wow that was a GREAT surprize when I got your "comment" this morning!- I died last night..hahahaha! Man- I hit on Digi by accident doing "cards" as you do ( which are AWESOME) by the way- was looking for a "paper" for a wedding one and "bang" came accross Scrapbookmax- oh and the rest is sort of history...hahahah.
I LOVE hearing from "fellow souff Affrikans"...hahahaha, had a few and when I say a few I meant like maybe 6....haha. Too much to put in this little box..LOL, but thanks again and I'll keep in contact for sure!

Anonymous said...

Loving the new glasses and the 'paper' card is fab:) I've got the 'digi' addiction too now:)

IkeaGoddess said...

Cool glasses, love 'em. That is something on my to do list too, but I keep saying tomorrow...shame on me. I can't believe Miguel took that picture. National Geographic watch out, here he comes... ;-)

Sandra said...

I enjoy reading about fellow South Africans and your blog.