Friday, June 22


Look what I learnt to do ... Just a little something to say hi to my sister and to thank her for all the baby sitting that she does for us - my own personal lifesaving princess!!
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I tell you what ... im feeling pretty chuffed with myself!! ooohh now I have to go and tidy up the house enough me time!!! later ... :o)


Scraps of Bev said...

Well clever you, well done and I sure your sister is going to be really excited and pleased when she sees this...

With summer time for us here in the UK I'm spending most of my time outdoors and also getting quite involved in Macro work with my camera...I'm on a course tomorrow for the whole day. The result of all this is I'm not spending an awful lot of time on the PC.

Glad you're keeping 'busy' and don't forget to visit us over at DSSA.

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Wow Cleo that is sooooo clever. I love it... it is such fun, bet your sister adores it too and what a wonderful way to say thank you!! :)

Paul de Chasteauneuf said...

Well done Cleo...Artistically done...The PRINCESS is well honoured!

Anonymous said...

You are a clever wee thing indeed ;-) Thanks for your updates, always very enterntaining. Now, I am wondering where about your friend Bev is in the UK......she talks about sunshine and the outdoors.....that seems to be a very distant memory. Can't really complain, just got back from a week in Malaga - Blue skies every day so I am now sporting a lekker tan!!!! Miss you.xxxx Debbie