Sunday, September 30


Last night a group of us - Myself & Chris, John & Michelle, Michelle and Brendan, Charmaine and Branden too (and then later we were joined by Danie & Inada) - went out on a nights out - yes folks with lipstick, perfume and high heels !!!!! All the kiddies were sleeping at their grannies and grandpa's and we had the night to our selves.

We started the evening at PRIMI PIATTI - I think that this is the BEST restaurant ever. It has the best food, the staff is amazing - they have this fun, funky slightly cocky attitude that is all about fun & excellent service. We started the evening off with a round of cocktails - I of course could not start the evening with out my frozen Margarita ... MMMMMMMMMM This drink I'm my humble opinion is the MOST delicious drink ever made. The problem was that this was only the beginning ... as the evening progressed we got louder and the drink list got longer - Jagga Bombs ( Jaggermeister mixed with Red Bull), Suitcases ( Shot of Jack Daniels held in the mouth followed by a shot of passion fruit, shaken in the mouth and swallowed - like a slice of heaven!!!)

The evening ended with us all laying on the body outline in the middle of the restaurant, trying to see who was the most convincing corpse - I think that I made a dramatic and good looking corpse - what say you??
Wanda (the Incredible waiter) stated then that the evening would not be a resounding complete success without a zip down the fire pole - all the girls copped out, but I had to give it ago ... I was terrified I thought that I would drop to the floor like a stone and at the very least break a heel. But I did it any way and all I can say is YEAH HA!!! It was a blast.
Then we were off to Joe Cools for some dancing ... I haven't had such a great time in forever, thanks guys for the fantastic night - my cheeks and face are still a little tender from all the laughing!!

Special mention must be made to John who took it upone himself to relieve me of my usual designator driver duties and he was as good as his word .. THANK YOU John for my night off - your name is now officially JOHN-A-LUSCIOUS.

Guys I think that we should do this every second month !!!


alleycat said...

Oh yes, this sounds like lots of fun indeed ! And how cool that you had a night off ... excatly what every girl needs every once in a while ;O) My fave Primi is Primi Blue - a few hundred meters from our house with a lovely view of Table view beach, Table mountain and Robbin Island .. and the best sunsets !

Anonymous said...

Just catching up and it certainly looks like you had a great time!!
I'm so glad to hear that Miguel is feeling a bit better too that must be a great relief to you :)